Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must enter the school premises before 10 am.
  2. Students must attend assembly everyday.
  3. Students must attend school in proper school uniform i.e. white shirt, grey pants/skirts, grey school shocks, black leather shoes, school tie and belt.
  4. Students must wear house uniform on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  5. Boys are not allowed to wear holy pants, and keep long hair.
  6. Girls are not allowed to wear short skirts (shorter than knees).
  7. Girls must tie their hairs with two white ribbons.
  8. All Students are forbidden to wear tops or rings in their ears, use nail polish and keep long nails.
  9. Students are strictly forbidden to use alcohol, smoke or any narcotics. Use of such materials will lead to expulsion from the school.
  10.  Students must have at least 90% attendance to be eligible to attend their exams. In the case of absence, leave letter signed by gaurdians must be presented to class teachers.
  11.  Students should take care of their own belongings.
  12.  Ornaments, video games, mobile phones, comic books and magazines are prohibited.
  13.  Bullying is strictly prohibited. Students are expected to report such activities to school administration.
  14.  Students are expected to keep school environment clean. No plastic materials including food packing are allowed in school.
  15.  Students should follow personal hygiene at all time. Their uniforms should be clean and tidy.
  16.  Students are expected to participate in all school activities like class activities, interhouse activities, school cleaning, campaigns, outing, field visits etc.
  17.  Students are highly appreciated to follow disciplines. Any undisciplinary activities will lead to actions from calling parents to expel from school.
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